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Energy Saving Solutions

It's big buzz nowadays isn't it? 'Go Green', 'reduce your carbon footprint', 'stop global warming', 'be more eco'. So what does this really mean to you as an electricity consumer? Can you make a difference?

The answer is yes, you can, and it is fairly simple to do. In essence, using power means coal or gas is burnt at a power station to generate the power you are using. Using a lot of power means more coal on the fire, quite literally. So to do your bit for the environment, you use less power, in turn you also save yourself money.

You will have seen all the advice and tips in the press like, turn your lights off when you are not in the room, turn your washing machine down to 30 degrees, only fill your kettle for the amount of water you need. Do you do all these things? If you do then well done but we all know old habits die hard.

CES Midlands look at solutions that can help you save energy and money without you having to do much thinking.

Smart Heating Controls

Get a smart heating controller installed. Smart thermostats save you money by lowering temperatures when you are away from home, compensating for the outside weather conditions, learning how long your property takes to heat up amongst other features

Low Energy Lighting

Low energy lighting can give you big savings without a reduction in usage or lighting levels. LED lighting has come a long way and is now available in lux levels that easily match that of conventional tungsten element lighting. You can also get different tones to suit your preference such as bright white, daylight white and warm white as well as most of the colours of the rainbow if you so wish.

Smart Radiator Controls

With smart radiator controls, you can set the time and temperature for individual rooms. You could heat your living room all evening and the rooms you use the most and then warm up your bedroom just before bedtime.

Why heat a guest bedroom or unused bedroom to the same temperature as the rest of the house. Set the temperature lower in rooms you rarely use.

With some of our systems, you can set your radiators' temperature from a smart controller, or an app on your phone, without even going into the rooms.

Accurate time clocks for power hungry devices

Still controlling your immersion heater with an old mechanical time clock? Even worse, are you manually switching it on and off?

CES Midlands can install an accurate digital time clock for your immersion heater so it is only heating when it should be.

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