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CES Midlands hold City and Guilds Inspection and Test Qualifications and carry a full range of calibrated test equipment


We carry out Electrical Installation Condition Report's (EICR) as defined in BS7671, The IET Wiring Regulations. An EICR may be required in a number of circumstances and will give you a good insight into the safety and condition of an electrical installation.

An EICR report contains three key parts; the report itself, a schedule of inspection and a schedule of tests. The report is a record of any damage, deterioration, defects, dangerous conditions and non-compliance with the requirements of the regulations, which may give rise to danger.


We are often asked if we do "Landlords Certificates", such a certificate does not exist and this is commonly confused with an EICR. So if you are a landlord and do require an electrical inspection, we would be happy to carry this out for you and produce an EICR for your records.

Home Owners

It is recommended, in most circumstances, that home owners have an electrical inspection carried out every ten years. This period may be reduced for older systems.

An EICR allows us to carry out detailed examination of the condition of your system. Everything from the tightness of screws in your sockets and switches to the age and condition of cables. Many of the items which are inspected may appear to be working perfectly well but could be hiding fire risks or shock hazards.

Buying or Selling a property

Are you buying or selling a property? Have you had a property survey carried out? In many cases, a surveyor may only provide one or two comments on the condition of an electrical system in a property. Even then, it may not give any indication of the true condition of the electrical system.

Find out the condition of the electrical system in your property or a property you are purchasing by having an EICR carried out.

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